Miseries Shadow

Hey my lil' savages, its me, Miseries shadow. Don't ask how i got the name. Don't. Well, anyway, I'm like, Me, and I'm going to be me, no matter what ANYBODY says. I created this Tumblr page so all those out there that don't have the honor of meeting me can still have me a part of their every day lives. Arn't I sooooo generous? hahahaha i know. Totes follow me bitches, You know you love me.

January 11, 2012 8:14 pm
With tears of black,Let they soak the dirt.Within let they find the departed,As untruthful glory words are spilled.Pale hands grace mine,stroke untimely dates,upon a cold unforgiving stone.
Let they mark you here,But forever more,Let thy spirit soar,Through our hearts,and through our minds,An untimely demise,Shall not limit you.

With tears of black,
Let they soak the dirt.
Within let they find the departed,
As untruthful glory words are spilled.
Pale hands grace mine,
stroke untimely dates,
upon a cold unforgiving stone.

Let they mark you here,
But forever more,
Let thy spirit soar,
Through our hearts,
and through our minds,
An untimely demise,
Shall not limit you.

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